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January Spa Specials


Citrus and Spice
Available This Month Only  $75

This customized facial is a limited edition service that combines warm cloves, fresh Citrus, and cooling yogurt for truly unique experience.  Cloves will leave the skin tighter and detoxified while allowing the Orange, Pomegranate, and Raspberry antioxidants to brighten the winter dullness.  Finishing off with Yogurt to leave you calmed and soothed.

Dolphin Perfection

Our best-selling Euro Facial, it’s our best seller and a must try for everyone

Regular $76                                                                                                                                  Special $57

Rehydrate Me!

For the thirsty winter skin we have a refreshing facial to rejuvenate and plump the skin.  Start with a light enzymatic fruit peel that acts as a non-invasive face lift.  Follow with a collagen treatment to restore PH balance and deliver deep hydration to relax wrinkles.

Regular Price $110                                                                                                                                                       Special $89

Deep Breaths Oxygen Facial

This scientific treatment utilizes a unique sub-dermal delivery system to carry oxygen deep into the skin.  The skin is prepped and then sprayed with a unique blend of pure oxygen, vitamins, and minerals.  Your skin is left tighter and moist to the touch, plus oxygen detoxifies making this beneficial for all skin types!

Regular Price $100                                                                                                                                                       Special $80

New Year, New Skin

Slough off all the dull, dehydrated skin cells and leave them behind.  The Green Peel helps quickly promote cell regeneration and fades discoloration.  We highly recommend taking advantage of our 5 series package for optimum results.

Regular price $99                                                                                                                Special $79 or purchase 5 for $325


Hot Stone Warm Up

Hot Stones will help in relaxing the muscle to allow for the highest level of relaxation and comfort.  Relax both mind and body with this 70 minute massage that helps alleviate muscles spasms and can ease fibromyalgia and arthritis pain.

Regular Price $132                                                                                                                                                        Special $100

Happy Feet

This 25 minute reflexology service targets different zones of the feet that correspond to parts of the body.  Each organ and gland match up with a nerve in the foot, applying gentle pressure to the right areas will improve energy flows and circulation. 

Regular Price $60                                                                                                                                                          Special $30


Special $70

Choose either a therapeutic or deep tissue massage this month and get an extra 15 minutes and a discounted price to start your year off right.  We recommend a monthly service to keep your body and mind balance all year long. 

Deluxe Deals!!!

Classic Manicure $15   Spa Pedicure $30   55 Minute Swedish Massage $45


Permanent Make Up With Nelly

*Includes a free touch-up


Eyeliner: Upper & Lower Lid                                                                                                  $175

Eyebrow Fill-In (Hair present but a fuller brow is desired)                                              $189

Full Eyebrow (Complete application, no hair present on eyebrows)                              $275

Lip Liner                                                                                                                                   $200





January Packages

Treat yourself to one of our limited time packages

and spend a day being pampered by our staff!


Warm Winter Spice

Citrus and Spice Facial

Hot Stone Massage

Deep Condition and Blowout

Regular Price $300

Special $220



Fresh Start

Dolphin Perfection Facial

Swedish Message

Manicure and Pedicure

Regular Price $236

Special $175


All New You

Oxygen Facial

Therapeutic Message

Blow Dry and Style

Regular Price $217

Special $168



Men’s Tune Up

Deep Tissue Massage

Men’s Haircut

GQ Facial

Regular Price $236

Special $175


Best Foot Forward

Foot Reflexology

Express Refresher Facial

Spa Pedicure

Regular Price $110

Special $95

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